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: How to train teething puppy to walk or even like a leash and harness?  ( 3541 )


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Bear is now almost 5 months old! His potty training is going great but onto the real issue. Besides chewing on anything and everything, I cannot get a harness or leash on him. Every time I try to even put the harness on he just bites at me, or the harness and doesn't even give it a chance! I tried training with treats  (only once of course because I could tell he was more interested in chewing the harness). Winter in coming in Ohio so aka snow, who knows how he'd even walk in it but I still want to train him.

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Welcome to the world of puppyhood! Everything you are describing is typical puppy behavior. First make sure he has plenty of chew toys.   What works for one pup doesn't always work for all pups. Keep trying different approaches till you find his magic button. Most of the biting has to do with teething, & you need to teach him not to bite asap. Otherwise biting will become acceptable behavior in his mind. His toys are for biting & chewing.

One thing I tried was to really let out a loud yelp when my dog bite me and he would stop instantly. Once he stopped I would give him a cheww toy and praised then treat.
Check out some of our other post you may even find some other helpful hint fron some of our other members.

It takes time for pups to figure out what all this man-made stuff is that we equip them with. Keep trying & give him time to get used to them. He will get it.  Attach the leashes to the halter, let him drag them around and have his hissy fit. You can do this in the house if you want. Then gradually start seeing if he'll walk a few steps on the leash. You may need to try a few different halters to find the one that works best for you. You will want to know his girth (chest) measurement to buy a proper size.

Welcome to shorkie talk both of you! You will enjoy it & there is sooo much info here & people always willing to help. Remember... it's going to take a lot of work, time & patience to get through this stage of their lives. Also have plenty of small treats available to use during training & lots of praise.

Good luck!!
Ann ;)
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