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Author Topic: shorkie puppy fearful of other dogs  (Read 156 times)

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shorkie puppy fearful of other dogs
« on: October 07, 2019, 08:43:15 PM »
Hello, my Shorkie Stella is 5 months old. I got her at 10 wks . My breeder told me to have her avoid other dogs until she got her shots. I started training at 4.5 months as soon as she got her shots.She was shy when I got her from the breeder, when her siblings were playing she did not participate and was content lying down by my feet.She loves children and people but is fearful of other dogs. I have taken her to puppy training and found out that she should have been socialized to other dogs earlier. I have signed up for puppy parties too but she gets timid and the other dogs chase her.( a trainer put a fence between her and the other puppy and she was ok) There is a dog in my neighborhood that barks at my puppy all the time  ( a 4 lb chihuahua)with him my pup barks back so we try avoiding him. Any tips would be appreciated, I have taken her to pet stores, farmers market and she does well with the crowd that is unless she gets near another dog.I want her to be able to interact with other dogs without feeling anxious. Please help. Thank you

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Re: shorkie puppy fearful of other dogs
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2019, 03:05:26 AM »
it is hard sometime when your puppy is unsure of other dogs but I do think that if you give it time Stella will adjust. the biggest thing is that you don't show any fear or concern when stella meets another dog as she will sense your feelings and react to that.
My Toby was just like stella and he didn't really like other dogs but kids and adults he would get so excited.
I like you took Toby training he eventually started to accept the other dogs even great Dames. They were so good with Toby they would lay down so Toby didn't feel afraid, they really are gentle giants.  Of course this was after puppy training. Toby was six months when I started this adult dog training.
 toby would get on with dogs after that but he still sometimes would not like being around some dogs. He really prefered being with people.


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