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: My Poor Toby Has Cushings Disease  ( 1606 )

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My Poor Toby Has Cushings Disease
« : December 16, 2018, 11:18:40 PM »
Toby Has Been Diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. :(

We have been seeing the vet for quite a few months now and after a few blood test we have found what has been wrong with him. Cushing's is a tumer that grows either in the
pituitary gland in the brain or the adrenal gland just above the kidneys.
One is inoperable and the other can be cured by removing it.

Unfortunately Toby has one in the pituitary gland and is not curable as it is in the brain and can not be removed.
 So to treat the symptoms we have to give him medication every day. They don't always know what quantity to give the dog that is suffering with this condition they have to do on going test to check levels in their blood to see if they need a higher dose or a lower dose this is done frequently at first then every couple of months once they have it under control.
This a very costly process and is playing a toll on our finances but Toby means so much to us so we will hang in there.
Toby is 13 in March but we think he deserves to live the rest of his life comfortably. If his quality of life becomes affected by this we will decide then what we need to do.

We actually had a dog before Toby he was a Kelpie cross Collie  and he had Cushing's and was diagnosed when he was fourteen and we gave him the medication then but it wasn't as advanced as it is to day. He had the adrenal tumer and if it was today he could have been cured. He lived till he was sixteen then we had to make the decision to have him put to sleep it was the human thing to do.

Here is a link about the disease
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