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: Toys and good behavior in the yard  ( 2673 )


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Toys and good behavior in the yard
« : April 13, 2015, 08:11:13 AM »
Morning everyone!!

It's been a while since I posted! Bruno is doing wonderful and his first birthday is on April 28th!! He is doing wonderful but I'm having 2 issues.

The first is he has no interest in any of his toys other than bully stick. There was also a flex nylabone he loved but he went through those in like 2 days and I don't like him ingesting the plastic. Are there any toys that I can try that your shorkies love? Stuffed animials don't do anything for him and he will play with an antler  for a minute and lose interest.

Mt 2nd and much bigger issue is that Bruno has become a quick little bugger!! He runs around the house at the speed of light. We have taken him to obidenxe classes and he can sit and stay, etc but mainly when he wants to or isant distracted - so he's not consistent. With that and his quickness- I'm terrified of what I would do if he ever got off the leash or out our front door. We currently live in a townhome so we are not able to put up a fence and I'm weary of invisible fencing as Bruno is only 7 pounds and the shocks may be too much for him. Does anyone have this same issue? Does it get better as they get older? Is there anything I can do?

Toby P

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Re: Toys and good behavior in the yard
« #1 : April 16, 2015, 04:11:10 PM »
Ok for the first issue my Toby has never been one for toys much but I did find loves his Kong and also he like the rope toys that we play tug of war with him, the other toy he liked is a little rubber ball. He has always ran like the wind through the house especailly if I haven't taken him for a walk.
Issue 2, yes well I do have the same problem with Toby I have done training with him too but I still find if he get his mind on something he just egnores me. For example we have been getting some landscaping done on our property and all the fences have been taken down. I was putting him on the lead when he wanted to go to the toilet but htis one day I thought I would just try him without the lead and I would just watch him. I will never do that again a man was walking his dog across the road and I had just let toby outside, once Toby saw the dog that was it he headed straight for the dog across the road (thank god there were no cars) and started barking at the dog. The mans dog which was a colley was soooo well behaved that it just egnored Toby. I ran over and apologiesed and grabbed Toby. Well I realized from then on I kept him on a lead. One of my neighbours came over with a puppy pen and offered it to me to use for Toby. This was the best idea, we set it up around the back and it works. So what I'm suggesting is that you do the same get 1 or 2 puppy pens that you can set up and put him in it.
I hope that helps you??  :-\


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